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Prescribing responsibility – Primary & Secondary Care Interface

Prescribing responsibility

Secondary care may not check that the patient is aware that urgent hospital-only medication is collected from hospital pharmacy rather than requested from the GP.

Hospital sometimes requests the patient collects their prescription from general practice but doesn’t explain that it won’t necessarily be provided straight away. The patient is frustrated by the delay and the GP may be irritated by the disruption.

Specialists sometimes ask GPs to prescribe specialised items outwith the LHB formulary or their expected competency. This often occurs following private consultations.

Patients may deliver notes from clinics asking GPs to alter medication without explicit reasons for change.

GPs may be requested to prescribe medication such as skin cleaners prior to private surgical procedures in private facilities.

There have been requests to prescribe parenteral iron for anemia identified preoperatively as it is less easy to provide that quickly in the hospital setting.

There may be a lack of clarity about prescribing responsibility for patients in the community under the care of the palliative care team.

There is difficulty accessing urgent medication out of hours in the community particularly with respect to palliative care in some areas. It might be easier to obtain some supplies from the hospital pharmacy.