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Ordering and reviewing investigations – Primary & Secondary Care Interface

Ordering and reviewing investigations

Hospital doctors may request a GP to perform investigations which could have been done when the patient attended clinic. This may be to avoid time spent ordering tests, for patient convenience or to avoid costs to the patient when attending a private clinic.

GPs may decline to do investigations at request of hospital doctor. It may be far more convenient to the patient to attend their local practice but is extra demand on the practice. The secondary care doctor may not know that the GP doesn’t have direct access to some investigations.

GPs are often asked by patients to find investigation results carried out in secondary care and interpret them and/ or respond to them. At the time they may not have all the relevant details as to why the test was ordered or it may be outwith their expertise.

Results are sent to the GP for action with no additional information as to why they were undertaken or what action should be considered or even whether the patient is aware that the result is available.

GPs are being requested to undertake routine or specific pre – operative investigations and investigations prior to infertility treatment or other surgery.